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How to Set Passwords on Cisco Routers

How to Set Passwords on Cisco Routers

Are you facing any difficulty in setting a password on your Cisco router? Are you concerned about your security? Then you are at the right place to get the solution. Cisco routers are considered the best choice among users worldwide. From protecting security with the best connectivity these routers fulfils your network demands. A router is networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks. They perform traffic directing function on the internet. Routers are compact devices used by households and offices. A router can allow maximum 250 device connections depending upon the size and usage. At certain times, when you are a beginner in using the routers then you might face some issues in connecting the device and also setting up the password to keep it secure. If you feel like getting stuck anywhere while doing the required settings with the router then it is highly recommended to get in touch with Cisco Customer Support Phone Number, where you will be provided with guidance regarding the solution to your issue.

Set Passwords on Cisco Routers

Setting up a password to your router is very important, otherwise, it can be misused. Not having a strong password to your router means a serious threat to your privacy. Without passwords, extracting personal information becomes easy. If you do not have password protection to your Cisco router then anyone can make the configuration changes they want as well they will have authority to remove you from your own network.

It is very easy to set up the password for your router, you can try to perform the troubleshooting steps which are mentioned below.

Connecting the device

You will need to connect the Cisco router with a console or an Ethernet cable. Then link it to console port on the router. In case of the ethernet cable, connect it to the computer’s LAN.

Configuring port settings

Now you have to use the console port to access the router via the Hyper Terminal program. This comes pre installed with the Windows Operating system. Go to start menu > all programs> accessories> communications and click on the shortcut to Hyper terminal. Do the required port settings.

Command usage

Before making any changes, enter the privileged mode of the router and enable it by following some commands. You must ensure that router is the default prompt for Cisco router.

Password Settings

You need to set the password by using the command ‘enable password’. Remember, while setting a password, you should set a strong one with the proper combination of alphabets, numbers, and symbols. The enable password is a virtual terminal password that protects access to the router over a network interface. You have to set the password through ‘enable secret’ command.

Through the above mentioned simple steps, you can set the password easily, in case you get confused in doing the process, then do get in touch with Cisco Wireless Router Support Number, that stays available 24 hours of the day for the resolution of customer issues.

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