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How to Troubleshoot Canon Printers?

How to Troubleshoot Canon Printers?

Canon is known to be one of the renowned brands in the Printer industry. They are widely used worldwide and are renowned for their everlasting quality. However, sometimes Canon users suddenly face some problems regarding the Printer. After-all printer is an electronic device, it may misbehave in terms of working. Often users have various complaints like the paper is stuck in between or the print is blurry or sometimes there is discoloration too or there is too much sound or the printer is slow. The issues may vary from user to user but the solution is in right hands of the Canon Printer Customer Service professionals, who are certified technicians with an answer to your problems related to the Canon Printer.

How to troubleshoot Canon Printers

By following some simple steps you yourself can troubleshoot any of the issue or error related to Canon Printers. In any case, you face some problem while dealing with the device, you can always reach out to Canon customer care phone number which is available 24×7.

Troubleshooting Canon Printers

Step 1: Start your Canon Printer and take the handy guide manual which you got at the time of purchase of the printer. See if the printer light is blinking and then refer to the manual to check if it is fine or not.

Step 2: Make sure the cord is properly inserted into the power plug as well the printer is connected to the computer. Do a quick visual check-up by opening the external flap of the printer as if there is any paper stuck or any insect is lying dead there.

Step 3: Try checking your color ink cartridge if that is filled properly or not, have a look at the print head too and also take a look at the paper tray.

Step 4: After the proper inspection of the computer as well as the printer, turn the printer off and then restart it. Give the print command and print some material to check if any flaws or errors persist or not.

In case you come across any other issue while troubleshooting your canon printer, do not forget to reach out to Canon Customer Service Phone Number anytime.

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