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How to Setup a Cisco Router?

How to Setup a Cisco Router?

If you want to experience the great network then nothing is better than Cisco router. The concept used for the development of Cisco router is too good. If you want some lab test at your home or office this router will provide you best internet edge. The Cisco router provides their users greater flexibility for the network. Do you want to learn about the Cisco router setup for small area connection? If you want to do the same then you can follow the instructions given below. Try Cisco Customer Support Number to resolve the issues.

CISCO Customer Service

These steps are given here for Cisco router setup follow them one by one.

1. Connect the Router to the PC and Start a Terminal Emulation Program

The first thing you need to step of router setup is connecting the router to the computer. By the help of console, cable connect it & fire up the terminal emulation program. If this is your first time to connect the computer to the router then you can get the help from experts.

2. Identify the Cisco router’s interfaces

In the second step, you require to look on the back of the router and identify the Ethernet port sing by you. There would be two ports one for the WAN device and other for the LAN device. Now type the command on the device and show ip interface brief from privileged EXEC mode to find the names.

3. Configure IP Addresses

In this step, you will be required to configure the IP address. This is the actual setup of the router. If during this step you face trouble just opt for tech support experts to help you. For configuring terminal you required to type the command in the device “no ip domain lookup” you will receive some prompts to follow.

4. Setup Access Lists

Now you need to configure the two access lists. These both list will appear in the inbound direction. The first one will apply to LAN and the second one will apply on the WAN.

5. Configure Basic TCP/UDP/ICMP Inspection

The version of IOS required this feature setup. First, set up a TCP SYN timeout threshold to help mitigate SYN flood DoS attacks: “ip tcp synwait-time 30.” This command tells IOS to drop any TCP session. Now to the next step you have to follow the same step for ICMP, TCP, and UDP:

IP inspect name InspectRule ICMP

IP inspect name InspectRule TCP

IP inspect name InspectRule UDP

6. Test your configuration

Well, here you have to proceed to save the configuration. Type “copy running-config startup-config” & restart the router use power outage. Turn on the device and check the device configuration. If you face the configuration is not a success. Trained experts in tech support will help you to fix this setup issue of Cisco router. With the help of CISCO customer service, phone number users will able to dissolve their issues.

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