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How to Fix the Problem with a Lexmark Printer That Won’t Print

How to Fix the Problem with a Lexmark Printer That Won’t Print

When the Lexmark printer stops the printing job it may be one of the serious issues. Behind this problem, there may be any reason. To fix the printer job users may require power cycled to clear the job of printing. There may be paper jam which stops the printing job. If you are unable to find the reason of issue and want to fix it then you may try these steps given below.

Fix Lexmark Printer That Won't Print

Step 1.

Tap “Start” & “Control Panel” of your device.

Step 2.
In the control panel type “Computer Management” and search. Here an icon will appear double click on that.

Step 3.
Tap to the option “Services” and tap on the “Print Spooler.”Now tap on the “Restart” button to restart the spooler service. To check if the printer issue has been fixed to send a print job to your Lexmark printer.

Step 4.
If the problem is not fixed yet and printing is not printing then you need to follow this step. Disconnect the printer and unplug it. Open the printer door and check if is there any paper stuck in the machine. If found any piece of paper remove it. For 30 seconds leave the printer powder down. Resend the printing job to the printer.

Step 5.
You need to uninstall & reinstall the printer drivers. Make sure you have completed clear installation.

Step 6.
To update the printer driver you can check the Lexmark printer website. The old version of printer driver will not work properly. If you require help then you can ask experts of tech support to help you.

To get the help you can opt for Lexmark printer support team. Related to any printer problem users of Lexmark can reach to technical experts and ask them for help. The Lexmark customer service is 24*7 available to help their users. To find the proper solution for printer issues just concern to experts.

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