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How to Fix Acer Laptop Black Screen Issue?

How to Fix Acer Laptop Black Screen Issue?

Everyone must have encountered a situation where you have opened your laptop, clicked the power button and waiting for it to turn on. But Alas! After around 15 minutes of waiting even, what you see is a black screen on your laptop. You feel irritated and confused and do the brainstorming about what to do and what not. Laptops are electronic devices, at times they go through some internal as well external issues that need to be sorted out. There are two options to get the errors rectified, firstly, you can try doing the troubleshooting yourself or directly reach out to Acer Customer Support Number, where you will be helped by the team of certified technicians to solve your issue.


Acer was founded by Stan Shih in year 1976, it is a Taiwan-based computer manufacturer known to be one of renowned brands in the world.  With its tagline ‘Explore beyond limits’, Acer rules the market segment in Laptop industry being the third largest producer of laptops in the world after HP and Dell. The brand offers dependability, affordability and portability as its primary features, other than that Acer also provides with more memory space, wireless capability, connectivity and much more as its secondary features.

Apart from many advantages like value for money, sturdiness, and versatility that Acer Laptops offer, there comes some disadvantages too. There have been complaints by the loyal user base of Acer laptops that the laptops are too sensitive sometimes, in just a single fall, the hardware of the laptop breaks. Another main problem is that the spare parts of Acer laptops are not easily available in markets. Also, overheating, motherboard, key-pad, and touchpad, black or blue screen issues are most common among others. 

Causes of Black Screen in Acer Laptops

The causes of the occurring black screen can be due to different things. Sometimes the display can be loose or failed in some way or other, the connection might need to be replaced or the display settings have not been properly done. The causes can be varied depending on the model and life of the laptop.

Fixing the Black Screen Issue

  • Restart the explorer.exe process
  • Enter the safe mode and undo any recent changes
  • Hard reset your laptop
  • Reinstall your laptop memory
  • Have your laptop service

In case the above-mentioned ways might not work for you, then try the following steps.

  • Restore your system from a restore point – you can only restore your laptop when you have already created a restore point. Click Start > type ‘restore’. Follow the instruction and complete the restore process
  • Update your Device driver ­­– you may get various hardware issues if your device driver on your laptop is wrong or out of date. Even timely update is recommended for smooth functioning of the laptop.

It is also advised to get in touch with Acer Chromebook Customer Service if the problem persists, as the team of certified technicians will help you sort out your black screen or any other hardware or software issue.

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