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How to Fix Acer Computer That Won’t Turn On?

How to Fix Acer Computer That Won’t Turn On?

What a bad start of the morning if you have piles of work which needs to be completed and you want to use your computer and find out that your  Acer Computer Won’t Start or Turn On. You instantly get irritated. That is obvious, but instead of getting worried about such situation, you can try reaching out to Acer Customer Care Phone Number, which stays available round the clock.

People nowadays are very much dependent upon computers even for fulfilling smallest of chores. Computer has become the part and parcel of everyone’s life. From being used in every field whether it is Education, Aviation, Medical, Agriculture industry, Research work or Business industry, computers have become inevitable part of our lives.

Acer Computer That Won’t Turn On

Fixing an issue of computer that won’t start is quite easy. You can try the troubleshooting steps by yourself, but before that you need to analyze the main causes due to which your computer is not starting. Below are some of the common causes:

  • Bad power cord and power Cable issue
  • Bad Battery
  • Due to Software issue
  • Hardware connections are loose

Apart from the issue of computer not turning on, the avid users also face some of the common issues like:

  • Computer won’t start
  • System is slow
  • Blue screen of death
  • Slow or no internet
  • Overheating
  • Downloads take too long start
  • Unable to open attachment
  • Keyboard, mouse and monitor is not working
  • Boot process is taking long time to complete
  • Computer suddenly shuts off
  • Unusual noises

These issues can be fixed with the common solutions but it is recommended for the quick solution of the issue to get in touch with Acer Tech Support Number, where the technicians will help to sort the issue out.

Solution: Fixing The Computer That Won’t Turn On

  • Check the plugs and cables – First you need to check that all the cables are connected properly and power supply plugs are plugged in.
  • Switch on the plugs – Check to see if the power switch of main socket, monitor, keyboard and CPU is switched on or not.
  • Check for fuse blows – Check the fuse in the main plug for your computer and other devices too, if found faulty replace that. One can also have blown the fuse of computer’s motherboard, then replace the entire component.
  • Clear the CMOS –Clear the BIOS memory which will reset it to its default factory setting.
  • Safe mode – One can open their computer at safe mode by following simple steps and solve the windows problem.
  • Automatically repair Windows – Depending upon the version of Windows used by you one can automatically repair their windows. They can either reset the computer or use system restore.

If the problem still persists after performing the solution steps, you can contact Acer  Customer Support Toll Free Number anytime during the day regardless of the location constraints. The team of experts will help you in providing effective solution.

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