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Fix The Wi-Fi Issues With Your Dell XPS 13

Fix The Wi-Fi Issues With Your Dell XPS 13

It is really big deal to fix Wi-Fi issues with Dell XPS. To troubleshoot the Wi-Fi issues users need to replace the Wi-Fi card. If XPS 13 users have Linux then they will find trouble with new installation. To fix this Wi-Fi issue with XPS 13 you can try driver or a BIOS updates. Replacement of card will take 10 minutes which is an easy process. If during the process you face trouble then try Dell XPS 13 9360 support Number. Through this, you will fix the issue of Wi-Fi as soon as possible.

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Replace The Wireless Card in Dell XPS 13 to Fix Wi-Fi Issue:

  1. Power off XPS 13 and close it. Flip it over.
  2. By the help of Torx screwdriver unscrew the eight edge screws.
  3. Unscrew the one screw beneath the magnetic system badge.
  4. Try to open the base cover of XPS 13 with Plastic scribe starting at back corner and near the hinge.
  5. By using your hand remove the base cover.
  6. Unscrew the one screw securing the wireless card brace to the motherboard.
  7. Take out the Wireless card brace & disconnect the wireless card cable from the card.
  8. Slide the new wireless card into the slot of XPS 13.
  9. Attach the card cable with a wireless card, replace the card brace.
  10. Now fasten the wireless card brace by one screw.
  11. After this, you need to replace the base cover of the XPS. Apply pressure at the middle of the base cover.
  12. Fasten the eight edge screws by Torx screwdriver.
  13. After that flip over XPS 13 open the lid and power it on.

After replacement of Wireless card from Dell XPS 13 drivers 9350, you can troubleshoot WiFi issues. If still, the problem is same as before Dell customer care is ready to help you. Customer Support for Dell is 24 X 7 available to troubleshoot the problems. May possible this solution doesn’t work to fix Wi-Fi issue so you can take help of tech support experts.

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