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D-Link Wireless Router Stopped Working

D-Link Wireless Router Stopped Working

The Internet is the need of an hour. It has become an inseparable part of our daily lives. Everyone is reliable on the internet for different reasons, be it the thirst for information, connecting with people, shopping, banking or ordering food. And routers help us in providing stable connections to the internet. They are hardware networking devices that forward data packets along networks. D-Link is the most renowned brand name in the world of routers. But at times, users have encountered some problem of router getting instantly freeze but that situation can be dealt with getting in touch with D Link Customer Support Number which can be accessed any time of the day.

D-Link wireless router not working

D-Link wireless routers come with a variety of features like easy set-up, high network gain antennas, repeater mode, host of security features to keep the network safe and web browser based set-up and configuration. Users often complain about the problem of their D-Link Wireless Router Not Working. This issue may be due to IP address misplaces from one device overlap to another device or sometimes may be overheating.

For an instant solution to the D-Link wireless router to make it start working is to follow some troubleshooting step which is mentioned under.

Step 1: Restart your Modem and wait for 30 seconds, also restart your router and computer

Step 2: Check if you can connect your system with your D-Link browser.

Resetting your D-Link Browser

Step 1: Look for the reset key at the back of your D-Link router.

Step 2: Power on your router and press the reset key until all the lights start to blink altogether.

Step 3: Restart your D-Link router as all the settings have been changed to default factory setting automatically.

Make sure you follow all the steps for the exact solution to your problem. In case, your D-Link router still not starts to work, do try to get in touch with D Link Router Support Number which is available 24 hours of the day, where a team of highly professional technicians will help you out to manage your D-Link router to start in minimum time.

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