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Belkin Router Connected But No Internet Access

Belkin Router Connected But No Internet Access

Is your Belkin router connected but there is no internet access? Is the light on the router illuminated? If the reply to these questions is yes, then you are reading the right blog. It is not only you who face such issues related to Belkin router but there are many other active users of this brand routers as well who come across such difficulties. Despite many advantages and features of this company routers, people don’t know about fixing the common issues associated with it. If you are in search of the effective solution too then you must get in touch with Belkin customer support number that can be accessed at any time of the day.

Fix Belkin Router Connected But No Internet Access

The hassle of Belkin router connected but no internet access can be fixed with the given troubleshooting steps that are easy to perform. But before initiating the steps, it is recommended to check for these:

  • Restart the modem then after 20 seconds, restart the router
  • Check if the firewall or antivirus is interrupting the connection
  • Make sure time and dates are accurate on the device.
  • Try updating your LAN and wireless adapter by going to device manager

Fixing Belkin Router Connected But No Internet Access

  • Restart your devices: unplug the power cable from the modem and from your router, wait for a while and then plug the power cable back to their respective slots. Wait for the router and modem lights to illuminate and try to connect to the internet.
  • Update your Wireless driver: you will need to go to the device manager > properties > device manager. Now right click and update your network / Wi-Fi driver. If it does not work then try to uninstall and then reinstall it.
  • Reset your Belkin router: with the help of a paper, clip press continues to hold the reset button and then release it. Reconfigure your Wi-Fi settings.

If you encounter any difficulty in following the above fixtures then try reaching out to Belkin Support Phone Number, where the expert and skilled technicians will provide you with the instant and most relevant solution to the issue in limited time.

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