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7 Steps to Fix Avira Free Antivirus Slow Update Problem?

7 Steps to Fix Avira Free Antivirus Slow Update Problem?

We are in the world of Internet and use to surf it as a routine nowadays. But surfing the Internet in present scenario is not that safe as earlier due the several cyber threats are there which can damage the system as well as your vital information. You need some protection in order to protect the same and for that purpose, Avira Antivirus is there which has the capacity to handle every virus. Sometimes you might face technical problem such as unable to update or slow update issue in it. To resolve the same here you can follow the process, or can reach out to the Avira customer service where you will be assisted by the certified technicians without any hassle.

In order to resolve the slow update issue, you need to follow the instructions which are given below-

1. In the beginning, you have to just press the Start button, and followed by typing CMD and then just press enter to run the Command Prompt.

2. Here you need to type the “ping personal.avira-update.com” and then press enter. You have to remember the IP address because that is the CDN server which the Avira Antivirus installed on your system which connects to in order to obtain updates.

Command Prompt

3. After the previous step, you need to visit Super-Ping.com in order to ping personal.avira-update.com from multiple locations worldwide to reveal the different Avira update servers.

Super Ping

4. Now you have the option to force Avira on your computer to connect to any of the update servers by using the mapping system of the host name “personal.avira-update.com” to the specific IP address which is shown in Super-Ping in the system’s HOSTS file. You have to ensure it that you have chosen an IP which is on the same continent as you are in for best performance.

5. If you want to make some changes in your HOSTS file, then Avira by default protects the system’s HOSTS file against all kind of modification. Now you have the option to disable the HOSTS file protection in Avira by running it, press F8, then go to General > Security, uncheck “Protect Windows hosts files from changes” and finally click on the OK button.

Avira Free Antivirus

6. In this step, you need to press the Start button and after that, you have to type the notepad and then C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts followed by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter to run a Notepad and have to edit the HOSTS file as administrator.

7. Finally,at the end of the process, you have to add an entry that starts with the IP address of the Avira update server and have to be followed by a space and finally the hostname which should be personal.avira-update.com. Now you are required to save the file and then Avira will always connect to the IP address that you’ve specified in the HOSTS file to download the updates.

By following the process for the solution one by one, you will be able to sort out the issue in a proper way. In case you have an issue then you need not require worry about the same as you can get the help from Avira Technical Support where certified experts will handle all the issue without any hassle.

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